Plan for kids: If you are planning on bringing your children with you for camping, you may require extra planning. Ensure that you have the appropriate clothes for the weather. While planning for camping, make sure that your children know what to do if they encounter a problem or get separated from you. Ensure that they have a flashlight to help them move around at night and always remind them of camp rules to make sure that they are safe.

Use the right sleeping bag: Ensure that uses the right sleeping bag for the right season especially when you are sleeping in a tent. Check the temperature rating to check if the bag is best for cold or hot weather.

Make camp before dark: go to your campsite before nightfall and set up your tents. It is safer for you and your family if you don’t have to fumble in the dark and get lost or separated from your family.

Always clean your campsite: animals are always attracted to types of wastes that campers throw away such as food and food wrappers. Always look around to ensure that it is clean when you arrive at the camp. You don’t want a bear, raccoon or any other animal roaming around the campsite at night.

Ensure you have the necessities that you may require at night: plastic bags for food and trash and drinking water are essential at night. You don’t need to be walking around in the middle of the night looking for food and water; this pauses a danger to you. Waterproof matches and flashlight are also essential.

Avoid any dangers: look out for any plants, animals, and bugs.it is always important to familiarize yourself with the campsite surroundings during the day so that you can recognize dangers. Make sure your clothing covers you completely and use insect repellent to help keep you safe from insects at night.

Don’t get lost: always carry a map, compass or GPS unit at all times. This will help you in case you wander away from the campsite and have no way of getting back to your belongings or your family in the night and you cannot be able to reach them through the phone if you have any.

Maintain good hygiene: use a hand sanitizer before eating, brush your teeth with baking soda or purified water. If you can bathe use sponge and biodegradable soap, all these practices will keep you from falling sick and requiring medical assistance at night.

Always have a survival kit nearby: in case the worst case scenario happens; you may need some basic tools to keep you safe until help arrives. Water purifying tablets, a sharp knife, flashlight, waterproof matches, extra batteries and first aid kit are just a few things that you may need in case of an emergency.

Wear appropriate clothes: ensure that you wear clothes that best fit the season and weather, changes in the weather during the night should be anticipated and dressing done appropriately, warmer seasons can get cold at night.

Place your sleeping bag on a flat surface: sleeping on a flat surface ensures that you had a position is correct. Sleeping with your head facing downhill may cause your blood rush to the head causing loss of consciousness.

Put fires down/out completely: this is sifting the ashes around and reducing any hot embers, using a little bit of dirt to reduce the heat and ensure that nothing will blow out of the pit and light up the surroundings when you go to sleep.

Keep your tent, clothes, and shoes away from the fire pit: these items may catch fire or melt causing danger to you when you are asleep. Keeping them away from the fire pit ensures that everyone in the campsite can have a peaceful night of camping.

Eating the right foods: foods are known to regulate your body temperature. Foods rich in protein and healthy fat and snacks are advisable to be taken during colder camping nights. High-calorie foods give the body energy it requires to generate its heat.

Don’t camp in areas that are not designated campsites: this will ensure that you are camping in a safe place and there is no reason to worry about animals attacking. This will give you a piece of mind to enjoy your camping experience.

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