fish finder

How To Setup Side Scanning

Although fish finding units are user-friendly yet they require some basic knowledge and help to setup and configure before initiation. There isn’t rocket science behind this, you just need to learn a few tricks and tips to set up fish finders, down scanning, side scanning, structure scan and furthermore particular sonars for particular fish finding […]

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How Down Imaging Works

Down imaging is a common term used in fish finders. Down imaging is a fish finder feature that portrays picture-like images of structure and bottom beneath the boat on the Display screen. These picture-like photos shown on the screen represent the reflected sonar signals from the bottom in an understandable pattern. Origin Hummingbird owns Down […]

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Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro Review

Raymarine Dragonfly 5-Pro is a sophisticated fish finder with lots of cool apps and functions that any angler will appreciate. Clear pictures of the bottom, with fish, clearly displayed are the main reason anglers love this unit. Add apps that allow you to wirelessly transmit images and maps to your smartphone or tablet and now […]

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