Going out for fishing is not an everyday thing. Usually, you have to plan a special day out of your busy schedule with required equipment. Imagine – how frustrating it could be to get no luck with fishing even after that much preparation?! Well, you need not worry about this anymore! Lowrance Elite-4 CHIRP has got all what you need for your fishing. Lowrance recently released the addition of the affordable, easy-to-use Elite-4 CHIRP series of fish finders to the company’s array that makes it easier to identify and mark fish FAST.


Lowrance Elite-4 CHIRP Benefits

Elite-4 CHIRP has reduced the human efforts in the fishing domain. It leads the way because of its user-friendly features. Not everyone is tech-savvy and educated enough to utilize technology, but Elite-4 CHIRP provides the comprehensible interface that lets its users operate it without much of learning. Some additional benefits are:

  • Timesaving.
  • Compatible with large scale rivers and lakes.
  • Increased probability of catching the hidden fishes.
  • Waterproof casing.

Key Features

Well, that’s not enough to describe what amazing features this device has got for you. Let’s go through the distinctive and incredible features of Lowrance Elite-4 CHIRP one by one:

  • LED display with high-resolution 4.3 inch per 109.22mm which offers clarity in a variation of lighting situations.
  • Backing for Navionics package includes high-definition mapping of the large bodies of water in Bahamas, Canada, Alaska and Great Lakes, and its cartography enables this device to be compatible with major water occupied areas.
  • TrackBack function lets anglers to review recorded history including structure or fish targets, transitions, and then pinpoint locations with a waypoint.
  • Lowrance-exclusive Advance Signal Processing (ASP) which reduces the need to manually adjust settings to see fish, structure and bottom detail more clearly
  • GPS antenna will always keep you on track and will allow you to calmly navigate back to destination.
  • Customized mapping service i.e. Create your own map from real sonar data that you record with Insight Genesis.
  • Access to form mapping of over 3000 coastal waterways and lakes throughout the US.

Lowrance Elite-4 CHIRP Pros And Cons


  • Built-in Mounts have reduced so much time in fishing.
  • The GPS and chart plotting are great for storing waypoints and routes.
  • Handheld device making it easier to use for navigation for multipurpose during fishing.
  • This unit is very accurate for GPS and sonar, both.


  • As the screen background is colorful which sometimes makes it difficult to read during sunlight.
  • Sometimes it hangs during installation and don’t show screen for a while
  • It can be overwhelming for one who doesn’t use it often.

Lowrance Elite-4 CHIRP Usability

The Lowrance Elite-4 CHIRP can be used in both modes either in manual or automatic channel. By default, it’s in automatic mode with all built-in settings when you first turn it on. If you go more in navigating the settings of this device you can shift it to manual mode. It freely allows you to use the unit with only one hand. With the added features of new page selector menu in it, allows you to switch, utilizing only a finger between various screens.

Maintenance And Cleaning

A phenomenon that if you don’t maintain and take care of equipment will lead to dysfunction. So is the case with Lowrance Elite-4 CHIRP. It radiates and generates radio frequency energy. If it’s not installed according to proper instruction it may damage radio communication between equipment and GPS. It’s recommended to correct the interference by taking measures like increase separation between equipment and receiver, consult for a dealer or technician for help.

For the sake of maintenance, Lowrance provides updated software. You should get the latest software in your equipment from their website.

Lowrance Elite-4 CHIRP is waterproof, though, but that doesn’t mean you clean it with excessive water. You would need to follow common cleansing techniques such as using a soft cloth towel to clean dust particles. If you have the facility of the hair dryer, use it after disassembling the fish finder as it helps to wipe away tiny dust particles that become huge if not cleaned after excessive usage.


It’s obvious that it’s not easy to accept that you got no luck with finishing today. Lowrance Elite-4 CHIRP should be your major fishing equipment. With its multi-window, super-bright 4.3″ LED-backlit, color display for easy, all-access, and 1-thumb operation, fishing has become a real FUN.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easily operational for a non-techy person as well for pinpointing fish whether in greater lakes of Bahamas, Canada, or Alaska. It saves a lot of your time, and the waterproof casing makes it more secure. GPS and chart plotting are great for storing waypoints and routes. It’s one of the not-to-be-missed fish finders for bringing revolution to your fishing procedure.

(Images credit: Lowrance.com)