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7 Must-Read Hacks for Improving Your Traveling Experiences

Everyone loves traveling! Whether it is a city nearby or a long backpacking trip, we would all love to visit every corner of the planet. Since all travelers seek the most inexpensive flights, you might end up in a low-cost airline for your long trip.

Most of the times, this means that you might change many flights until you can reach your final destination. In any case, there are many tips which can help you travel easier while eliminating some very common problems.

These are the essential hacks, gathered from my personal traveling experiences, as well as many of my friends and readers.

#1 Protect Your Documents

Your ID, your passport, and your boarding pass are some very important documents you cannot lose. Many travelers have faced such issues in the past, where they have accidentally destroyed or even lost their personal documents. This will probably destroy a few good moments of your trip when you are searching for your embassy to get help with your documents.

To avoid all this, there is a safety measure you can take. Take snapshots of all your documents and prevent such unpleasant scenarios in the future. If you find yourself missing a document, all you have to do is simply present the photo of the specific document. This is a lifesaving hack not to be missed!

#2 Lighten Up Your Luggage

There are many ways for you to save some space in your luggage, to stuff your newly bought products and gifts on your way back. Try out some newly designed jackets that will enable you to carry with you many important [or heavy] items, even on the plane.

Stuffa jacket is without a doubt the most popular one since it allows you to carry clothing, hygiene items your money and all the necessary documents with you. Another great traveling jacket is the Rufus Roo that enables you to carry to your pockets even your laptop!

#3 Relax With Beauty Treatments

If your flight is too long, and you want to look your best, there is an easy way to achieve that. All you have to do is ask your flight attendant a packet of sugar and a small slice of lemon. Mix them up and apply them on your face, as a natural scrub. Then you can simply rinse it off, at the bathroom sink.

This way you will look your best while arriving at your destination, spending some quality time during the flight. Of course, this is only a suggestion since you can do almost every beauty treatment while traveling. Take advantage of the fact that you are not driving, and use a facial mask, braid your hair or even cut your fingernails.

#4 Create an Emergency Kit in Your Bag

Apart from your luggage, you should also consider putting some necessary items in your bag as well. One pair of clothing, undies and some important medication for you, can also be put inside your travel bag or backpack. Airlines might as well temporarily lose your luggage between flights. You don’t want to end up in a long waiting list while missing some important items to you. Make sure you have everything you need in your travel bag and leave the rest to your luggage. Add a phone charger as well; you will regret not having one to cover your sudden need.

#5 Hide Some Cash Away

Being able to calculate the exact amount of money that you are going to spend sounds ideal. Most travelers find it difficult to save some money, in case they need some additional cash. That is why a great trick is to hide some money, even from you. Put a small amount somewhere in your stuff, into a pair of socks or to your jeans’ back pocket. Try to completely forget it is there until you find yourself in absolute necessity.

This way, even if someone steals your wallet [cash and credit cards], you will have a respected amount of cash, to book a flight or buy something to eat.

#6 Pillowcase Everywhere!

Strange as it may sound, a pillowcase can solve many of your traveling issues. Feeling tired on the plane? Simply stuff your jacket in a pillowcase and take a nap in your handmade traveling pillow. This will turn up to be very useful in all possible cases. You don’t have to buy an expensive travel pillow. Just put inside your pillow something fluffy and enjoy your sleep. Bring another pillowcase and use it to store your laundry during your trip.

#7 In Quest For Wi-Fi

Most airports offer free Wi-Fi access to all travelers. However, many of them offer some free Wi-Fi for a certain period [Heathrow airport gives you 30’ of free Wi-Fi access]. If you don’t want to pay for some additional privileges, there is something you can do about it. Locate the business lounge of the airport.

Of course, we do not recommend paying the additional fee to join everyone else in there. Place your sleeping bag or any other form of the resting surface right outside. Do you feel like it is too extreme for you? You will feel better when you see other travelers following the same path. The Wi-Fi signal should be strong enough for you to reach it as well.

Trips may be fun, but the whole procedure till you reach your beloved destination might be exhausting. Use these traveling hacks and make a significant upgrade on your traveling quality. Take as much sleep as you can, use the valuable time during flights and make the most out of every occasion.

We know we do! Share your traveling hacks with us in the comment section and let us know if they have worked for you. If you have any other traveling friends, feel free to share this article to help them get through their next trip!

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