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8 Powerful Tips on How to Sleep Better When you Are Away from Home

When you are traveling away from home, on vacation or even on a sleepover, sometimes you might find it difficult to achieve the desired sleep. This is often caused by the additional stress you might be feeling, or by your subconscious homesick.

Your body may seek your ordinary bed when you find yourself hundreds of miles away from it. These amazing tips will enable you to enjoy every second of your trips, without feeling exhausted!

#1 Bring Your Things

One main reason why you can’t sleep well is because the environment around you is completely different. Try to eliminate this problem by bringing with you some of your usual sleeping assets. Your comfortable pillow, along with some earplugs or an eye mask could make a huge difference. Close your eyes and lay on your intimate pillow with the usual texture and scent. This will completely alter the way you feel about sleeping in a new, different place.

Instead of constantly feeling tensed, you can use your ordinary pillow as your private place. A small part of your home’s comfort is always there, with you.

#2 Choose Your Room Wisely

Though you may not always have this option, it is not a bad idea to ask. Before you reach your destination, you can ask for a room in the highest level possible, or away from the staircase and the elevator. This way you can avoid some additional, unpleasant noises.

More than that, you can also ask if the room has dark curtains so that you can close them and feel more secure in your private space. Don’t forget to download some of your favorite tracks as well, to feel more comfortable before getting in bed.

#3 Choose Your Dinner Carefully

The things you eat a couple of hours before going to bed will define your sleep quality. Try avoiding spicy dishes, or anything you already know may cause you the stomachache. Especially on your first night in a foreign place, choose something you have already tried before.

Ideally, you can also have some warm milk or tea before getting to bed, to calm your nerves and achieve higher sleeping standards.

#4 Take a Bath and Meditate

Prepare yourself a nice, warm bath and use some essential oils, if you have any. Try to stay in the bathtub as long as possible, to get rid of any unpleasant thoughts. Put on some music if you feel like it and enjoy these precious moments. After all, you are on vacation!

You can also try to meditate for as long as you stay there. There are many meditation apps that can help you calm, especially if you have not tried meditating before.

Even if you don’t completely succeed, you will have managed to stay calm and follow the given instructions.

#5 Turn Off Your Phone or Laptop

This is a very common mistake amongst travelers. Since you feel unable to sleep, chances are you will consider turning your phone on, browsing or even watching a few videos. This is perhaps the worst thing you can do when you find it difficult to sleep. Online activity will keep you wide awake, and the sleeping problem will dramatically increase. Try to stay away from all internet activity. Instead, if you want some noise, turn on the TV and put a movie that doesn’t interest you on. This might help you relax and fall asleep easier.

#6 Give Up and Start Over

How many times have you ended up tossing and turning in bed until the first light bursts into the room? If you still can’t sleep, then avoid staying in bed for too long. This will make you truly frustrated and irritated, which will lead to bigger issues. Get up and engage yourself in a rather relaxing activity. You can read a book, or listen to some soft music. Once more, avoid electronic devices if you can. After 20 minutes it is time to try once more. Being in bed and not being able to sleep will only make things worse.

#7 Prepare Your Next Day’s Stuff

Many people, even during vacation, think about next day’s activities when trying to fall asleep. If you are thinking about what clothes to wear or which things to pack for tomorrow, then you will find it hard to fall asleep. Get up and prepare all of the things you are going to need tomorrow. The clothes you are going to wear, your backpack and everything else you might need. The knowledge that in the morning you have nothing to do but get dressed and leave will make you feel calmer and perhaps even fall asleep easier.

#8 Breathe Properly

You might find these tricks ridiculous. However, your breathing pace can completely change your mood about almost everything. Being able to control your breathing is a powerful asset in every demanding task of the day. Sleep is no exception. Try to focus on your breathing and make your every breath heavy and deep. This will eliminate your stress and help your body reach a certain calming level. If this is your first time trying, there are some great sleeping apps that can guide you through your breathing exercises.

Being able to enjoy your trips to the fullest is of utmost importance. Don’t hesitate to try out some of these tips, to make the whole experience more beautiful and relaxing. Many people have already tried them out, and they have reported some amazing results.

We truly hope that this article will help you and make you enjoy your next trips. If we have already improved your sleep, then feel free to share this article with other travelers, or any friends who might be facing the same problems. We can’t wait to hear which tip has helped you the most in the comment section below!

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