A slight drizzle shouldn’t really mar your camping trip with friends and loved ones. On the contrary, the slight drizzle or steady rainfall during your camping sessions is likely to bring up a soothing experience. Although you can not enjoy cooking on the grill, the pitter-patter of the rain drops, coupled with the intoxicating smell of the rain on wet mud, will only make your experience tad better.

However, besides the steady rain, there’s also the morning dew that is likely to affect your camping experience. But with a waterproof tent, this is an issue can be sorted right away. It’ll keep all the moisture away while helping you stay dry and comfortable even in rainy weather. This is exactly why you should invest in a good waterproof tent.


The wrong tent on the other hand, not only puts a damper on your camping session but also keeps you away from the woods for a while. Also, crossing your fingers so that it doesn’t really rain isn’t the best plan ever. So the best solution here would be to choose a strong, durable and sturdy waterproof tent.

Choosing a good waterproof tent and knowing what features to look out for in your tent will simply help you to enjoy a better and more fulfilling camping session. In case you’re still wondering how to choose the best tents for rain, here are some snippets of wisdom that’ll help you make an informed and better pick.

What should you look out for in a good waterproof tent?


Waterproof tent is nothing other than a sturdy and strong tent that keeps all the water away from your tent while you camp. While choosing a good tent, always try to pick a tent which is both lightweight and also comes with a seam tape.

A camping tent which is slightly heavier will weigh your tent down. This will happen, particularly when the tent is wet. So when you invest in a lightweight product, it will not only be easier to put the tent, but, will also be equally simple to carry it while hiking, especially if you intend to bring other cooking utensils such as camping grill and stove. Waterproof seam tape is also one of the most crucial features to look out for in a good and reliable tent.

Additionally, you should also try finding a tent which comes with a one piece tub floor. This will keep you dry even in the rainiest and stormiest of weathers. While looking out for a tub floor, also make sure that the floor is completely waterproof and is slightly tall on the sides before it is finally sewn on the walls of the tent. The seams that are either on or around the floor will simply ask for more water seepage. So always avoid these kinds of models.

Choosing between a single and double wall tent


A good waterproof tent should ensure that the rain and every other kind of moisture are properly repelled from the outside. It also needs to breathe on its down, for getting rid of the condensation that seeps in from the exteriors. A bad tent will always be loaded with tons of moisture and water during the morning. This will happen irrespective of the fact whether it rained or not. But who wants to wake up in the morning with a completely damp and wetty mess? So, while making your pick, you can choose from two options, namely the double wall tent and the single wall tent.

Double wall tent- This kind of tent will use a rainfly over it, to repel the moisture from outside. This rainfly will be detachable, and it will eliminate the moisture from the interiors with the breathable walls of your tent. The walls are constructed either of nylon or mesh. The floor, on the other hand, will come with a tough duty nylon that will partly go up along the sidewalls to create a bath tub like appearance. Again, you should also ensure that there are absolutely no seams on or around the floor of your tent. The untreated walls of nylon will have mesh windows that aid in ventilation and that also helps in the management of moisture with a double door. One of the doors will be made of the mesh while another one would be made of nylons. At times, the walls that are completely made of mesh end up saving some weight.

The next part of the double walled tent is the rain fly. The rain fly of these tents is what differentiates a good and sturdy tent from the weaker ones. At times, the fly will be treated with a proper non-breathable, waterproof coating that helps in shedding water better. This fly is more like the umbrella of your tent. It will be attached to the stakes of the tent and let the water to bead off from it while being away from the perimeter of the tent. This in turn, will keep the people inside the tent warm and dry. These double wall tents come with more parts than the single walled ones and they are also slightly heavier. Most of these tents are less expensive than the single walled ones.

Single wall tent- This kind of tent will manage the moisture with only one layer. To keep it simpler, these tents do not come with a rain fly. The walls are usually laminated with waterproof and breathable stuff that keeps it warm and airy inside. Although this more or less sounds like a technical shell, these high-end tents also come with a higher and tad more expensive price. These kinds of tents are mostly used by hiking enthusiasts, travelers and motorbike campers as they are always on the lookout for tents that are both lightweight and come with lesser accessories and parts.

Choosing the rainfly

A rainfly is a spate kind of waterproof cover that is specifically designed for fitting your tent’s roof. You can always use it when you’re expecting the dew or the rain. At the same time, it can also be used when you’re looking out to retain some extra warmth. While choosing your rainfly, you can always make your pick from the roof-only rainfly or the full-coverage ones. While, the former will let in more views and better light, the latter will provide, more protection from the rain and winds.