Bass Fishing In Rain

Bass fishing is considered as the most common activity for the fishermen. They just love to do fishing and when it comes to bass fishing then there are some techniques and tricks to do it in a proper way. Sometimes the conditions are not in the favor of the fishermen and weather turns immediately into something disastrous. I am going to tell you about some of the tips you should considered during the bass fishing and especially when it’s raining. I am just not providing you tips but my intention is to provide proper education about the bass fishing and how it is possible for you to improve your fishing.

These tips are going to help you in bass fishing and you will enjoy it too without any hurdle in your way. Let’s have a look at some techniques and tricks.

1. Weather Forecast

Weather forecast is one of the most important things to keep an eye on when you are planning to go for fishing. If weather is about to change then you should plan your strategies and what do you have to cope up with the difficult weather at a time. Make sure about all the equipment and necessary items you should carry with yourself for the fishing. Always plan your strategy in advance before start travelling for the fishing area because your consciousness is the most important thing here. This is the first thing, one should consider at the time of planning bass fishing.

2. Surroundings in Rain

If you are stuck at the place during fishing and it’s raining then the step you should go for is to check your surroundings. When the weather starts changing, the clarity of the water and waves take another turn. Before you should continue your fishing in rain, make sure that you are safe and your surroundings are safe. If you are unable to focus on the bass fishing because of the rain then it will be nearly impossible for you to catch the bass and you will not be able to handle yourself too.

3. Smaller Lures

During the rain, to catch the bass you should use smaller lures and it will be easier for them to catch smaller lured from your fishing rod. Due to the rain droplets, sometimes it’s hard for the sea animal too, to look at the food because of the waves in the water. In the rain bass fishing is quite hard for the beginners because they don’t have much experience and maybe they will start getting panic. Weather conditions are the normal part of the fishing and one should be in senses at the time of handling consequences. Use smaller lures for the immediate catch of bass.

4. Attentive

Be attentive at the time of bass fishing in the rainy season because this is the time when they can attack you as well. This is time when fishes become quite active so you have to be attentive at the time of fishing in the rain. Due to the disturbance in the water, they can attack you if you are not aware of the protective tips and if you are not very fond of reading tricks to avoid danger during the fishing. Keep first aid box with you in case of any emergency. If this is the first time you are going for the fishing in rainy season then keep yourself aware of the surroundings.

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5. Rubber Gloves and Gripping Shoes

Your shoes should have enough gripped to prevent you from slipping into the water. In the rain most of the shoes starts losing their grip and it becomes danger for the person who is experiencing the pressure. Your gloves should be of rubber to have a strong grip of fishing rod when catching a bass. Your clothing and other necessary items should be good enough to save you when weather turns against you.

At the time of making plan about the bass fishing, make sure that you have someone along you who is experienced in fishing and who knows how to cope up with the difficult weather conditions. Take necessary things and safety equipment with yourself so in case you are alone then you will be able to save yourself. Bass fishing is one of the most fun fishing activities and if you are the one who loves adventure then rainy season is just the right weather for you.