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The Outdoor Tricks Blog

The great outdoors, can’t quite beat it, at least that’s what we believe in a world so cluttered with conveniences and modern technology. We often forget that there is a whole world out there which can engage and enrich our lives, there are many activities that can help us regain our connection to the great outdoors. We decided to write a blog which definitely motivate you to try the best outdoor activities nowadays. Let’s see!


An ancient art form if we do say so ourselves, what’s not to love about fishing? Whether it’s on a boat or by the shore, there is so much to enjoy about the wide open spaces, fresh air and tranquility that fishing offers. ‘Shopping’ for the next family meal has never been so fun, rewarding and calming. If you’re nearby to a local fishing spot, or just want to take the family for a nice relaxing experience, can’t get much better.


As we said before, the great outdoors, no better way to get in touch with your inner nature lover than to spend some quality time around a beautiful campsite, campfire and all! Roasting marshmallows, singing songs and braving the elements takes away the pressures of modern day society and reminds us all that there is a simple, yet rewarding time to be had. You’ll never be closer to the local wildlife and may find yourself astonished at its beauty.


Now, not all of us are in it for the relaxation and serenity, some of us prefer the adrenaline rush that cycling brings, getting a great workout and having lots of fun is what cycling is all about. Whether it’s at your local park or cross-country, cycling is an activity enjoyed by many, and for good reason. So if you have a bike, jump on, enjoy and don’t forget to be safe.


Since the dawn of man, hunting has been the most trying of sports, the most primal of humanity’s urges. The rush, the excitement and the gratification you get from taking a step back and honoring this ancient art is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. The industrialization and commercialization of the food industry has eliminated the need for people to hunt for their own food, however, we believe that hunting brings us closer to what we are as humans, it’s an experience not to be missed.


Put on your helmet and take to the skate park! The art of skateboarding is one that takes plenty of skill as well as plenty of trial and error, yet has its fair share of rewards, these include great exercise, coordination skills and a great community activity to have between you and your friends, we believe that skating isn’t just for the kids, but for everyone…just don’t break a hip!

Activities that bring us closer to nature as well as each other should be welcomed with open arms, they provide us with a healthy alternative to video games, television as well as help us see life from a different perspective, the best thing for you is to give it a go.