Whenever one is about to venture into any sport, it is always advisable to be armed with at least some basic knowledge of how the game works. This is especially important when it comes to goose hunting.

Goose hunting is a fascinating sport, but it can also be tricky especially to novices. The birds can sometimes outsmart people, and that can be frustrating. There are a lot of people out there who can give you tons of advice about goose hunting, but most of those tips are generally based on their own ideal situations. Therefore, most of these tips might not work in some cases.

Here are 7 goose hunting tips that will help you in your next goose hunting expedition.

  • Understand bird behavior.
  • Practice your shooting skills in a natural hunting environment.
  • Get the necessary gear.
  • Find a good spot.
  • Spread the decoys.
  • Goose call techniques.
  • Do not complicate it.

1. Understand Bird Behavior

One of the most important things to do on any hunting expedition is to understand the prey. Understanding how geese behave is very crucial in ensuring that your hunting expedition will be a success.

Geese behave differently at different times of the year. Studying how they behave in different environments and different weather conditions will be paramount in ensuring your success.

For instance, in various weather conditions, they have different feeding habits and react differently to hunting pressure.

2. Practice Your Shooting Skills in a Natural Hunting Environment

A goose is a big bird, and the males can weigh up to 7 pounds. Therefore, to bring one down, you must have a powerful shot. Most people usually prefer 12 gauge 3 inch magnum shells. This is good for a starter and from there onwards, the choices of the kind of firearm you might want to use are limitless. It is imperative to ensure that you practice shooting with your own gun. This helps in making you get used to the firearm as well as anticipating how it might react to varying weather conditions. It is also advisable to avoid shooting at birds which are more than forty yards from your position.

3. Get the Necessary Gear

Goose hunting is not expensive but at times, it can be. One requires the proper equipment to ensure that you pull off a proper hunting expedition. One needs proper clothing for windy and sometimes wet conditions.

In most times, you will find that you will require shoes with rubber soles and warm chest waders if you will be hunting near water. One also needs camouflage clothing, headgear, and gloves. You will also need decoys, sentinels and feeders as wells as several different types of calls to get started with hunting.

4. Find a Good Spot

Just like in any hunting expedition, finding a good place is essential to a successful hunting tour. This is one of the most critical tips because ending up in a poor spot will most likely mean that you will not shot down even a single bird.

You might have all the gear you need but if you end if in a bad hunting spot, it will all be for nothing. You will spend the day there holding your gun and doing nothing. It is advisable to begin with natural resources parks and other areas that are known to have wildlife. It is possible to find such places easily especially in this age where most things are documented on the internet. All you need before setting out is to do some little research.

5. Spread the Decoys

Some goose hunters have the tendency to put decoys one on top of the other. These people eventually end up seeing the birds hovering over the decoys but do not land. Because there is no space to land considering that most birds have a wing span that is, at least, four feet wide.

The trick is to spread out the decoys. One can even use shoveled dirt decoys since they also work. Spreading the decoys at least 10 feet apart will do the trick.

6. Goose Call Techniques

There are several ways of goose calls. However, there are those goose calls which are known to be more efficient than others. For instance, acrylic short-reed is recommended when the weather is windy. This is because it is sharp, loud and relatively high pitched. Another effective goose call is the short-reed goose call. It is deeper, softer and more realistic.

7. Do Not Complicate It

It is possible to get overwhelmed when you read reviews and watch films about goose hunting. Most of these reviews and films tend to make goose hunting a simple affair or very difficult. If you want to hunt these birds, do some research, gear up and just go hunting. Every television show that you watch has certain aspects that make it influence the hunting experience. Therefore, if you try to copy what you saw on the television, you might end up being disappointed.

(Images Credit: Nature Mapping Foundation, Rusticman, BigStock Photo)