Are you getting tired of the same old camping foods? You need to have food that is easy to carry when you are camping. You also want food that will stay fresh during your trip. Additionally, having a mix of ready-to-eat and food you need to prepare is a good idea.It’s time for a few new ideas. This is a creativity injection into your humdrum camping foods rut. I’ve been through the same thing and I know I have some suggestions that are new to you.

All of these tips are easy, they store small and travel light, and they require little to no preparation. You can get more out of your camping foods experience if you bring a cooler along. However, most of the suggestions on my list don’t require any refrigeration at all

.They’re all so easy, you’ll wonder why you never thought of these tips before!


1. Cowhorn Biscuits

Cowhorn biscuits are one of the easiest camping foods you can cook. You do need a campfire, but that’s part of the fun of camping, after all.

These biscuits only require three ‘ingredients’: refrigerator biscuits, a campfire, and a seasoned stick. This is similar to a savory twist on smores.

To make the biscuits, wrap refrigerator dough around the end of a pointed stick. The creation resembles a cowhorn. This is how the biscuit got its name. It’s also a lot of fun for any children in the camping group.

Always remember to supervise children around a campfire, however. No accidents in the woods, please!

Cook the biscuit on the stock over an open flame. Let the crusty outside brown and flake first and then move the stick further from the flame. This will allow the inside of the biscuit to cook as well.

You can fill these with anything you like from peanut butter to scrambled eggs. If you put some fresh fruit inside, cowhorn biscuits turn into a healthy dessert, too.

2. Orange Blueberry Muffins

If you’d like to make a great impression on some of your camping companions, try these blueberry muffins.

You bake them over a campfire right inside an orange peel! The orange peel infuses the muffin with natural orange flavor as they cook, too.

The muffin mix is relatively easy to carry. If you pick a mix that comes inside a box, toss the box away and place the ingredients into a zipper seal baggie for even easier transport.

When it’s time to cook some muffins, first cut your oranges in half and set the juice and pulp aside. You can make some fresh orange juice at the same time, as well. Any item that can be used for more than one purpose is a great choice for camping foods.

Prepare the blueberry muffin mix as the package directs. Then, scoop the mix into the orange halves. Next, put the orange halves back together and wrap tinfoil around the orange. Wrap three layers of foil to protect your muffins from the hot fire!

Finally, you toss them into the campfire! This takes some guts, but you can do it. Turn the oranges once a minute and in 10 minutes, you’ll have a tasty, steamed muffin. It turns out a bit like bread pudding.

3. IMPs (Individual Meal Packs) or MREs (Meals Ready to Eat)

Another example of camping foods that are easy to store, carry, and prepare are MREs. These meal packs are formulated to satisfy nutritional requirements. The military provides them to soldiers. Therefore, they don’t require any conventional cooking before consumption.

That being said, you can warm the meals up in various ways. For instance, you can heat some water over a campfire and place the MRE pouch into the water. This will gently warm your meal.

Additionally, some MREs include a water activated heat source to warm the food.Here is a great video that explains MREs in further detail.

4. Make Your Own MREs!

There are some drawbacks to MREs, however. They are costly and also high in sodium, for example. Finally, they can be hard to find.

Therefore, MREs are great to bring along camping for camping foods, but they are a once in awhile sort of solution. You can make a cheaper, healthier alternative at home.

These homemade MREs hit all of the bases for camping foods.

  • They are easy to carry in a backpack.
  • This food is also easy to prepare.
  • Homemade MREs are ready to eat- only boiled water is necessary.
  • They are nutritionally balanced.
  • MREs don’t require refrigeration.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it!?

Some ideas for your MREs include making your own instant oatmeal packets, crackers and shelf stable cheese, meat jerky, and also summer sausages. Pack each item separately in its own bag and combine all bags in a larger zipper bag labeled for the correct meal.

For instance, you will have several bags that say ‘breakfast’, several that say ‘lunch’, and several that say ‘dinner’.

This idea is incredibly economical and very easy. It’s my personal favorite for my own camping trips.

5. Make-Ahead Pancakes

If you have access to a pan or griddle while camping, these pancakes are a snap! It is so clever to make them ahead and bring them along.

You can make your own special recipe or use a prepared pancake mix. Before you leave for your trip, mix all of the ingredients together to make the batter. Next, pour the batter into a zipper seal bag and freeze it overnight.

Then, when you leave for your trip, the batter will thaw naturally. It will be ready to use when you reach your destination. The pancake mix will stay safe to eat if you follow this procedure.

It’s so easy to store, carry, and then pour the batter right into the pan! Just snip off one of the bag’s bottom corners and use it like a pastry bag.

You can do a very similar thing for omelets if you are bringing a cooler along on your camping trip.

6. Think Veg! Meatless Tacos, Sloppy Joes, and More

Vegans and vegetarians already know that there are some tasty, shelf stable mixes for tacos and sloppy joes available. You can find these in most grocery stores. If you have access to some cookware while you are camping, it’s easy to whip up some meatless tacos.

The mixes contain textured vegetable protein. All you need to make the mix is a pan and some water. The sauce and meat substitute are all included in the same packet.

Therefore, you can simply toss a packet into your backpack with some tortillas and have campfire tacos in a snap. It’s also easy to make your own TVP tacos before you leave and take them along with you.

7. Bonus Tip: Pack Some Perishables

I have one bonus tip for you. This can really elevate your camping foods menu.

Usually, you want shelf stable foods to bring camping with you. You can deviate from this if you are willing to carry a cooler of course, but you can also eat some fruit and veggies the first night or two.

Most fruit and vegetables will keep well for a couple of days without any chilling. For example, apples, pears, and citrus fruit all travel well and are easy to carry. You can carry some bell peppers, kale, squash, and other vegetables as well.

This way, you can whip up a stir fry with some boil in a bag rice on your first night of camping.

The fruit is great to enjoy at breakfast time. You’ve already learned that orange peels are very handy for campfire baking!

Happy TrailsWell, that’s it, you guys. There are some easy camping foods that will leave you feeling satisfied. They also won’t break your back on the trail. Best of all, they don’t cost much and can feed a lot of people.

Camping is usually better with lots of friends along. You can take your rightful place as the campfire cook of the bunch. Maybe one of your friends will step up and help out, too.

Did you enjoy this list? I sure hope so! It was fun to sit down and write up all of my favorite camping foods ideas. Please share this with your friends who like to camp.

Let me know what you thought of this article in the comments section. I always love to hear from you. It would be wonderful if you shared some of your own go-to camping foods with all of us, too.

Happy trails!